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Foot-Notes recordings retail outlets, Decorah and beyond:


Scandinavian  / Norwegian folk music and dance:

         About folk music in Norway

Scandinavian / Norwegian organizations

Norwegian-American authors, translators, and publications:

  • Norwegian and German Translation Services - former Foot-Notes mandolinist Jim Skurdall (wearing one of his other hats) has a thriving translation business of his own. Jim's services are especially popular among those doing genealogical work, though he also handles general text translation as well, including whole books. Jim now lives in Norway and is doing translation work for the Norwegian recording industry.
  • Deb Nelson Gourley - Astri, My Astri: Norwegian Heritage Stories - Astri ... is a wonderful example of how family histories can be lively, engaging, and colorful. The book includes segments in both Norwegian and English (thanks to translations of our own Jim Skurdall!). Browse the contents online -- it's well worth the purchase price!

Folk / old-time / world music 

Ethnomusicology & folklife:

Welcome to Decorah:

Bands in Decorah:

  • Maritza - Balkan boogie, klezmer kutups, Romany romp - rocked up traditional Eastern Eurodance; Pine Wilson, Rob Van Tyn, Rob Hervey, Ann Streufert, Will Kemperman (Foot-Notes bassist Bill Musser and mandolinist Jim Skurdal were founding members of Maritza)
  • Buck Hollow Band - classic & modern country, 50s & 60s, more; John & Teresa Condon, next-door neighbors to Foot-Notes members Jon and Beth Hoven Rotto!
  • Contratopia - contradance music from the Upper Midwest, featuring the music and instrumental virtuosity of local musicians John Goodin & Erik Sessions, with Patrice Pakiz & Pat O'Loughlin of the Twin Cities
  • Western Home String Band - THE contradance band in Decorah, including a number of the best folk musicians in the Decorah area.

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Home Page  | Band History & Profile  | Recordings  | Dance / Concert Schedule

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